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Near East University

As Global Learning Solutions, Zimbabwe we have partners spread across Europe, allowing us to provide a wide range of choice to prospective students. However, our current major partner is Near East University in Cyprus which currently has a community of over 400 Zimbabwean Students doing either Post Grad or UnderGrad programs there. We are currently working on our September 2016 and February 2017 enrolments.


Fill application forms attach required documents.


Pay the necessary application processing fees


Apply for Study Visa at the relevant authorities


Search and apply for accomodation and Plane ticket.

Application Forms

As soon as you engage our services we will send you an Application form which you will need to fill and attach the following particulars;

  • Certified copy of O', A' Level, Diploma or Degree Transcripts and Certificates
  • Copy of Passport (the page with the photo)
  • Passport Size photo - High Definition
  • Reference letter from former school
  • Research topic, at least 300 words for Post Grad.

  • Registration

    After the application has gone through and a place of study is secured the you will need to;

  • Pay the Tuition fees
  • Pay a once-off health and social activities fee
  • Secure accommodation
  • Apply for a Study Visa
  • Get the necessary Vaccinations
  • Book a flight ticket
  • Accomodation

    You can choose to stay on or outside the campus. Outside the campus, you will have so many apartments to choose from, with prices starting from USD $120.00per month. All apartments and houses are fully furnished

    Part-time Jobs

    You will also have an opportunity to have part-time jobs but, you will be limited to only 20hours per week. You can work at the Giant University or outside. for masters programs you can enrol for evening classes and get a fulltime job which can pay a minimum of at least USD $800.00. For PHD students, employment is guaranteed as a teaching Assistant at the university.


    If decide to stay outside the campus transport is available and free. There are shuttle buses that ferry students to and from the University campus.

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